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New Moon in Libra: All is Fair in Love and War, September 28, 2019

September 26, 2019

New Moon in Libra: All is Fair in Love and War, September 28, 2019

Moon insights by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 

New Moon in Libra: All is Fair in Love and War

New Moon in Libra: All is Fair in Love and War
Saturday, September 28, 2019, Full Moon @5 degrees of Libra
11:26 a.m. PST // 2:26 p.m. EST 

  • Sun and Moon oppose Chiron in Aries
  • Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn
  • Venus in Libra square Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn
  • Venus in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces
  • Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces
  • Saturn in Capricorn conjunct the south node
  • Neptune in Pisces trine the North Node in Cancer


Look out for/ work with: Relationships, balance, fairness, equality, beauty, love, marriage, law, legality, civil rights, order, emotional growth.



This new Moon and Libra give us opportunities to plant seeds that bring balance in fairness to our lives. Libra is ruled by Venus, the sign that governs relationships, beauty, and the law. So much about Libra is being able to understand our other half better. Be that the people we marry, or the people that we end up working for. While Libra is generally known for being a partnership sign, it doesn't often times get recognized for also being a mediator, or somebody who represents fairness. Don't underestimate the energy of this New Moon. There is some intense energy building with aspects to strict Saturn and the South Node, which indicates the need to evaluate our relationships to some people, or situations karmically. This month you'll learn speaking your mind and asking for what you truly want doesn't always hurt a relationship. Sometimes it may actually help make them better. The catch; its all about your delivery. 

The current status of our political system and courts are in for an exciting and very public turn of events. In the months ahead from America to Britain, we will begin to see old and outdated methods prove to no longer be working. Those who are apart of the legal system will be mainly boosted to stand firm and help bring attention to where we need to improve current laws. People will take to the streets, fighting for equality, along with justice. Expect the scales to tip exposing those who have committed acts that violate the natural balance. This is setting the stage for the super conjunctions of 2020, which will ultimately provide us all with a "hard reset” moving away from old, outdated operations.

Communication and intellect will be huge themes during this new Moon. Many of us will benefit from the opportunities of being able to communicate more clearly, and fairly. Practice spending time listening, not just waiting to speak. This will also amplify our ability to have a better understanding of our role in relationships. Balance of all kinds will be examined. For some of us will be reevaluating our connection to others, and how that affects our self-love. Are we genuinely honoring ourselves when we stay in certain situations? For others, we will be reevaluating whether or not certain professional or financial agreements can still be upheld. Many of us are realizing wee are growing out of old, outdated ways of being. Some promises are becoming harder to keep. Balance is a tricky thing. The mind, the body, and the Spirit are all very intrinsically intertwined. If one is off-kilter, it is likely to affect the other two. Take note of where something may be coming out of balance in your life, then decide how to approach the situation gracefully.

Those who have been in relationships which have been out of balance for some time may find themselves at a crossroads. Actions speak louder than words, so if you agree to move forward in delicate situations, it's essential to commit to what you need to evolve. Don't waiver on your desires, stand up for them. Uncomfortable conversations may be inevitable for some. Really what it comes down to is with a little bit of compassion and understanding, we can have these conversations and breakthrough barriers that have been holding us back. Practice being a team player and reaching out even when others may not be willing to meet you in the middle. At the same time, some people may take a step back and actually need space. The Saturn Square will begin to increase over the next week or so, setting up for some potentially explosive situations. Look at this new Moon is an opportunity to set intentions for how you want these conversations to go, I make it a point not to control the outcome. Speaking from the heart is especially important now. Make peace with what comes about after this new Moon. Ultimately it's helping us grow out of a place of unbalance, and into a space of equality and true lasting love. Look at it as growing pains, getting us pointed in the right direction.

This is not all doom and gloom; there are some appealing aspects to Venus that make it possible to experience big love. Many who overcome these obstacles mentioned above will be pleased. Expect to find beautiful connections, and expansion in the realms of travel, education, and even legal matters. Positive aspects like this always increase favorable dating or social events as well. Accept the party invitations, book the romantic getaway. Grow together in love. Just make it real, don’t settle. 


Ritualistic Inspirations

Divine Lovers Candle Ritual 

You will need: 

  • 2 white free-standing pillar candles (any size, ideally beeswax or soy)
  • A ceramic plate, or fire safe bowl to burn the candles (candle sticks if necessary)
  • Dried lavender, rose, catnip, cinnamon, and damiana herbs (about a pinch of each)
  • a teaspoon of honey
  • red string and scissors 
  • any love drawing oil, or patchouli essential oil
  • a plate or piece of foil
  • The lovers card from a tarot deck, or the Ace of Cups 
  1. First, you want to take your candles in all of your supplies and set them up.
  2. Set out your Lovers card in front of you, and open up sacred space. Burn a rose scented candle or love incense if you have any on hand. 
  3. Next, you want to take a plate, or a piece of foil to work over to catch all of the potential herbs and oil we are working with.
  4. Then you want to take your two White candles, dress them with a drop of oil each.
  5. Mixed together with your herbs on the plate/ foil.
  6. Roll the candles towards you through the herbs, chanting any invocation of love.
  7. Next and tie the red string around them in a crisscross pattern up and down the length of the candles, tying them together. (Like shoe strings) 
  8. Melt the bottom of the candles and stick them to the fire and heatproof plate or bowl of choice. This is to secure them standing up in place. Do not leave the candles unattended! Ideally, you want to get candles that will burn up within a matter of an hour or so. You also may use a larger candlestick holder that is big enough for both candles together.
  9.  Once your candles are secure, drizzle a little bit of honey over-the-top. Do not get the honey on the wick or it will not burn!*** If you wish you may call the name of a lover, or call in the soul connection or divine partnership.
  10. Sit and visualize the type of love that you want and how it feels emotionally in your heart space. 
  11. When you're ready, light the candles one by one, sit and visualize while you watch them burn.

If there is no left over wax: expect quick results!

For wax remains: 

Place any left over wax in a folded piece of paper and leave it on an altar space underneath a piece of rose quartz for the next month. This will manifest your desires.

Pro tip:

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the above or too busy to try the above ritual, the Love & Honor Ritual Kit is a great alternative! 








Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio here, and catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.


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